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Redeeming Accountability: When Sinners Walk Together


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Redeeming Accountability: While “accountability” is a familiar word in most churches, it is a loaded term and people’s experiences vary. For some it captures the joy of intimate friendship, love that is simultaneously gentle and firm, and faithful support in the midst of trials. For others, it has simply been a group of people awkwardly forced together for rote recitation of the same sins and struggles week after week. This session will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of accountability relationships as part of the broader framework of submitting ourselves to each other in community. This framework will then lead to practical steps we can take to enjoy the fruit of accountability in its best sense, where it fosters hope, humility, faith, and repentance. Click here to download the outline for this session.

This lecture is from the 2013 National Conference, “Not Alone: The Relational Core of Life and Counseling.”