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Q & A Panel Discussion (Session 5: Everyday Worship)


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Question and answer panel with David Powlison, Julie Lowe, Eamon Wilson, and Jayne Clark. Questions addressed include, “How do you do private and public worship in your personal life in a week?”; “What big, existential questions still haunt you?”; “Can you share a specific place where Scripture was brought to life for you personally?”; “I often find it difficult to apply Scripture to specific struggles in life – how do I think about how the Bible speaks to very specific issues?”; “What do we do when we’re trying to read Scripture and it doesn’t seem relevant to our particular struggle - how do we avoid cherry-picking Scripture to just fit our pressing problems?”; “Can you explain more about how awareness of self increases our awareness of how Scripture comes alive?”

(This audio is part 5 of a 5 part regional conference titled Everyday Worship: How God Brings the Bible to Life)