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Psychiatric Disorders Curriculum (Includes 1 DVD + 1 Workbook)


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Psychiatric Disorders: A Biblical Approach to Understanding Complex Problems is the first in a new series of curriculum. In this particular package, you will receive one complete DVD set and one individual workbook.

Description: There are no pat answers or quick fixes for the kind of brokenness that psychiatric disorders describe. People struggling with complex problems hurt deeply, feel socially isolated, and are often misunderstood. They need help with both personal and interpersonal problems. What does it look like to enter into the world of a troubled person? What do diagnostic labels mean for strugglers and for those who want to help? What goes into restoring and rebuilding a life?

Biblical counseling must offer help that wisely handles this complexity of need. Helpers need a feel for the slow process of change, to be willing to live within uncertainties, and yet keep our spiritual bearings. We must combine indestructible hope with realistic expectations.

This study will help guide you through a meaningful understanding of people who have complex problems and how to offer biblical help. It is designed to be used individually or in a group setting.

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