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Our Human Condition (Session 1: Living for Approval)


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Living for approval is a universal problem that transcends culture and time. Although it is common, we don’t often speak about it. Why are we so controlled by people? Other people feel like judges over us. The things we see and read serve as judges over us—the pressure to be the best, the brightest, and the most attractive occurs all around us. Oftentimes the word approval is expressed through the ideas of acceptance, respect, rejection, disrespect, success, achievement, failure, self-esteem, and worthlessness. Welch examines two ways in to the problem: 1. The fear of man—“I need something from other people” and 2. Shame—“The consensus is I am unacceptable.” Welch follows themes of the fear of man and its opposite throughout scripture including Abraham, Israel, the Judges, Saul, David, and Christ.

(This audio is part 1 of a 5 part regional conference titled Living for Approval: Why We Do It and How to Get Help)