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Navigating the Fog of Addiction in Family


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Addiction has devastating effects on all members of the family. Deceit and manipulation result in broken trust. Questions such as, “Should I let her drive the car?” or “Should I loan him $50 dollars?” can feel as though they are potentially life and death decisions. Further, the addict might seem nothing like the parent, child, or sibling you remember from years ago. What does compassion and grace look like in such circumstances? Is letting your loved one feel the full brunt of destructive behaviors ungracious, or is it the road to repentance? How do you respond when the addict points out your shortcomings, pulls for your pity, or plays to your fears? This workshop will propose a biblical understanding of addiction, and outline the guiding principals for navigating life with an addicted family member.

Download PDFs of the slides and outline for this session.