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Featured image for Loss Curriculum (Single Workbook Only, DVD not Included)

Loss Curriculum (Single Workbook Only, DVD not Included)


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Loss—A biblical approach to understanding how God transforms our sorrows is the second in a new series of curriculum. In this particular package, you will receive one individual workbook only.

Description: In a moment everything can change. Loss is an inescapable reality that we all must face. Loss is not a topic. The most significant losses in life have no solutions short of the resurrection. As Christians we know our sorrows are to be transformed into something more than our own experiences. But sometimes our loss is so great our experience drowns out all truth, all hope.

Through our suffering God pours out his love in Christ Jesus. And in his timing, he intends that love to overflow and spill into the lives of others. The comfort we receive God uses to help us comfort others (2 Corinthians 1:3–7). We are always in the dual role of sufferer and comforter. With that in mind, this workbook incorporates reflection and biblical study that will help you grow in wisdom—both in facing your own losses and in tenderly caring for those you love who are facing a loss.

This study is not a comprehensive methodology for how to counsel someone through a loss. It is an introductory study that provides a biblical framework for understanding loss. This study is designed to be used individually or in a group setting.

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