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Loss Curriculum Single Digital Workbook Curriculum (Videos Not Included)


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This product includes one license for use of a digital workbook. No videos are included with this product (to access the videos, please purchase a Single Pack or 10-Pack).

Loss is one of life’s inescapable realities. Loss is so much a part of the human experience, it’s like the air we breathe. Loss forces us to realize that even the good things we want and enjoy are fragile, temporary and unrecoverable. Yet God meets us in our loss, and God gives us others to share the sorrow of our losses with. We are all companions in the same essential battle, dealing with the same essential questions.

As Christians, we know our sorrows are to be transformed into something deeply and eternally good. But sometimes our loss is so great that our experience drowns out all truth and all hope. Yet through our suffering, God pours out his love in Christ Jesus. And in God’s timing, he intends his love to overflow and spill into the lives of others through us. The comfort we receive from God helps us to comfort others (2 Corinthians 1:3–7).

This study provides a biblical framework for understanding loss, and it equips you to give wise help as you walk alongside others who are suffering and in sorrow.