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Living a Priestly Life: Teaching by Example


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What should the life of a 21st century Christian priest look like? It's all about our heart's posture toward the Lord. In this breakout we will look at four major areas of life where Scripture addresses our hearts. These start as directives that God then calls us to live out so that they become observable behavior. In other words, people will get glimpses of your heart as they see these four aspects of your life.

  1. How do you approach relationships?
  2. What is your conversation style?
  3. How do you steward yourself—your gifts, your skills, your health, your time?
  4. How do you behave when you are angry?

For each of these, we'll discuss a scriptural model and visual illustration that can be used both for self-examination and for counseling others. As priests, our goal is to live a God-honoring life that displays the heart qualities we want to teach.

Download the outline for this talk here.