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Learning to Ask the Right Questions (Session 2: Everyday Worship)


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Scripture is designed by God Himself to connect with the realities of human experience. Asking the right questions helps us to get to the right answer in the midst of our sins and sufferings. People tend to ask the wrong questions of life and the wrong questions of the Bible – therefore, the two never really meet. Powlison offers three strategies for asking the right questions: 1. Start with the pithy, straightforward passages – for example, Psalm 21; 2. Learn to hear the questions that God is asking you – we think we’re the initiators of the questions, Scripture is full of the questions God asks of us; 3. What are the big questions that haunt a person? – things that they are afraid of, fear articulating, etc. Powlison ends with a personal anecdote of how these questions help us connect Scripture to human need in tangible ways.

(This audio is part 2 of a 5 part regional conference titled Everyday Worship: How God Brings the Bible to Life)