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Kids, Teens, Tech, and Screens: Navigating the Digital Deluge


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Parenting has never been easy, but raising children in a world saturated with screens has made family life more challenging. Parents feel overwhelmed when it comes to knowing how to navigate appropriate use of screens, social media, video games, and other technology. To avoid drowning in the sea of screens, parents are looking for help that goes beyond internet filters and time limits. Living with screens without being dominated by them is difficult, and essential direction regarding healthy tech use is vital. Eliza Huie, author of Raising Kids in a Screen-Saturated World, provides parents, youth-ministry workers, and counselors with clear direction and helpful insight on how to navigate the digital deluge. In this breakout she will share helpful tips toward engaging in key conversations and cultivating healthy family rhythms that create space beyond the screen. You will gain indispensable direction toward God-glorifying discipline for the entire family.