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How We Help Others



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How We Help Others: Ministry to others requires us to know people, to know God and his Word, and to bring those two together. Usually when we study Scripture we focus on the content. Where we can fall short is in studying how Scripture speaks its content to us—because both the content of what we say and the way we say it matters in ministry. This talk begins by focusing on ministry relationships using the metaphor of “culture”—for good or ill we create a culture in our ministry that can either hinder or build relationship with others. Ed also discusses the essence of ministry, and then how to know another person and link them to the words of God.

Our prayer is that this material will encourage and build up your ministry in such a way that you become a wiser friend and counselor to others.

This talk follows David Powlison’s talk entitled “How God Enables Us to Help Others,” as referenced in this audio. Included with the audio is this accompanying outline that is meant to be a reference and guide as you listen. It can be used to take your own notes or for reflection later.