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Growing Together Curriculum Single Digital Workbook License (Videos Not Included)


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This product includes one license for use of a digital workbook. No videos are included with this product (to access the videos, please purchase a Single Pack or 10-Pack).

As a Christian, you are inseparably joined to other people. Your welfare and your wisdom are connected to the welfare and wisdom of others in the body of Christ. This means you have an important role to play (both in giving and receiving help), because the ministry of one-on-one conversations is a part of God’s vision for maturing his people.

Ephesians 4 shows how God calls you and every believer to do your part by speaking helpful, constructive words to others. So where do you start? What does fruitful interpersonal ministry look like? This study explores six ways we grow together as the body of Christ.

  • By expressing true need for God and for others
  • By combining knowledge of people with knowledge of Scripture
  • By praying in ways that connect actual human need to the promises of God
  • By understanding the centrality of friendship in the Christian life
  • By keeping a close watch on ourselves in pursuit of integrity
  • By maturing together as each of us puts the Spirit’s gifts to work so that we grow up into the likeness of Christ