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Anxiety is Everywhere (Session 1: Anxiety)


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Every person struggles profoundly with fears and anxieties, whether they are acutely aware of it or not. Fears live relatively close to us – anxieties are more of a scanning of our environment, looking for threats. Fears and anxieties often hide behind things like anger or depression. Fears and anxieties often speak messages to us: There is something we trust, something we treasure, something we love, that is under threat in some way. Common fears revolve around money, health, and death. Fears and anxieties are looking for the right person. Ours is a God who is with us – the nearness of God to those who are weak is a theme that runs throughout Scripture. Fear and anxieties are about isolation and being out of control, hoping there might be the right person to help us. The opposites of fear are faith, hope, and peace. Fear says, “I am alone.” Faith says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” When you’re connected with the right person, it changes the way you see. We seek to see spiritual realities a little more clearly as we link in faith to the One who can help us in our need. God never minimizes our fears, but has compassion on us in our fears and promises to give us Himself.

(This audio is part 1 of a 5 part regional conference titled Anxiety: How God Cares for Stressed People)