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Fighting the Urge


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What do you do when the urge to indulge begins to overwhelm you? Every part of you seems to say, “Do it!” The compulsion feels irresistible, and there seems to be no way out. In this audio talk, Lane focuses on the draw of temptation in addictive behaviors. He conceptualizes temptation in two ways: (1) Temptation is a trial that is part of the external circumstances of a person’s life (James 1:2–11). God orchestrates these circumstances to build us into the likeness of Jesus Christ, and (2) Temptation is something that God doesn’t do, but is initiated by a person’s internal desire for sinful gratification (James 1:12–18). These two understandings of trial and temptation are important when engaging in ministry to those dealing with addiction. They are different spiritual battles, but they both require perseverance, wisdom, and faith.