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Fear of Man—Time to Get Lower (Session 2: Living for Approval)


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This session begins with a discussion of matters of the heart and the role that desire plays in our fear of man. Desires must always be held in check—desires quickly transform into non-negotiable demands—the giant is not “out there,” but rather in our hearts. He contrasts this with Jesus, the God-man, who was never controlled, always disrespected, misunderstood, and rejected. Welch lays out practical ways we can move away from the fear of man and toward Christ: 1. Talk to Jesus; 2. Go lower rather than…; 3. Be a servant and an ambassador; 4. Expect disapproval—As we follow the one who was rejected, we will be rejected; 5. Love more than need—we seek imbalance in our relationships; 6. Fear God and desire Him above all else; 7. Consider a self-appraisal; and 8. Know what is commendable.

(This audio is part 2 of a 5 part regional conference titled Living for Approval: Why We Do It and How to Get Help)