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Featured image for Family Curriculum (Single Workbook Only, DVD not Included)

Family Curriculum (Single Workbook Only, DVD not Included)


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Bulk discounts are offered for U.S. domestic orders of 20 or more of the same Individual Workbook. When you add 20 or more Individual Workbooks to your cart, an automatic 15% discount will be applied to the total and a flat-rate shipping option of $12 will appear.

Please follow these steps to take advantage of this discount:

  1. Locate the Individual Workbook you wish to purchase in bulk.
  2. Adjust the number of Individual Workbooks to the desired amount (the discount only applies to orders of 20 or more of the same workbook).
  3. Select the Checkout option in your cart and complete the order form (select the $12 flat-rate shipping option).

Please reach out to our Customer Service department if you have any questions or run into difficulty with your bulk order (