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8 general sessions and 16 breakout sessions

Family. What image springs to your mind? Big smiles and warm hugs? Dark looks and harsh words? An empty frame and yearning for what never was and may never be? Perhaps it’s more complicated than that–maybe the smile is real, but the eyes reveal something more. Perhaps blessing and brokenness are tangled together. Or perhaps we’re troubled when we compare the snapshots in our mind with images of family immortalized by Norman Rockwell or the picture we envision of what a “Christian family” is supposed to be.

But what are we to make of the fact that in all of Scripture not one single family is held up as an idealized role model? How can that be? Because the Bible is no stranger to the complexities of family. At this year’s National Conference, we’ll be exploring the ways God forms and reforms family, how he shapes and reshapes us through family. Whatever our situation or experience, whether single or married, old or young, whatever roles we play, this conference will help us face the brokenness and embrace the blessing of family.

Conference Details

  • Conference Dates: Friday, October 13, 2017 to Sunday, October 15, 2017
  • Conference Location: Frisco, TX

Product Details

  • 8 General Sessions + 16 Breakout Sessions (20 hours of audio)
  • Outlines & Slides included
  • 1.1 GB

General Sessions

Adoption Panel
CCEF Staff

Every Single Family Member
Jayne Clark

Familial – by Design
David Powlison

Families Helping People in Crisis
Ste Casey

God Redeems Family
Steve Midgley

Now and Then: The Returns of Family History
Ed Welch

Nurturing Family
Julie Lowe

Shaking Up the Family Tree: God Does the Unexpected
Alasdair Groves

Breakout Sessions

A Single Life
Jayne Clark

Busy Families: Learning to Say “No” in Order to Say “Yes”
Mike Emlet

Caught in the Middle: Caring for Aging Parents and Your Own Children – At the Same Time
Mike Emlet

Divorce: When Families Fall Apart
Julie Lowe

Draw Them Out to Draw Them In
Todd Stryd

Family Devotions in Your Family
Alasdair Groves

Grandparenting: The Ins and Outs
Ed & Sheri Welch

In This Together: Care for Families in Ministry
Laura Andrews

Navigating the Fog of Addiction in Family
Eamon Wilson

Parenting an Angry Teen Who Won’t Communicate
Rick Horne

Redemptive Responses When a Family Member Identifies as Transgender
Tim Geiger

Taming the Technology Beast
Julie Lowe

The Empty Nest: Loss or New Lease on Life?
Janet Nygren

The Long Way Home: Counseling After Infidelity
Michael Gembola

What To Do When Family Hurts You
Darby Strickland

When Your Child Says “I’m Gay”
Michael Gembola