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Anger - One of God's Most Beautiful Characteristics


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In this audio talk, Paul Tripp argues that the core content of the Bible is found in the story of redemption. The principles of Scripture cannot be disconnected from the narrative of Scripture - how do we connect principles to the larger narrative of Scripture? James 1:19-20 includes principles that, rightly applied, help us understand the larger plot of God’s story. The story of redemption is an anger story: God’s righteous anger and man’s selfish, unholy anger - these two angers can’t coexist - they are like spiritual oil and water. A collision will take place between the two angers - the anger of man collides with the anger of God - anger of people got Christ to the cross, but the anger of God also drove Christ to the cross (the foreordained plan of God). The anger of man and God meet in Christ on the cross in a violent act of grace. 

The work of the cross is to take the world gone mad to the church now angry (sinful anger is replaced with righteous anger - we rise to do good against evil). The drama of redemption is the drama of your story - our daily struggles with anger are tied to the same anger that drove Christ to the cross. God’s zeal for His cause is your hope - it takes His anger to deliver you from anger - praise God that He was willing to be angry so that we, for once in our lives could be rightfully angry. 

Key Scriptures: James 1:19-20; Acts 2:22-24