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Abnormalizing the Normal


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Abnormalizing the Normal: Psychiatric disorders are the real struggles, right? If we are not careful we can begin to see certain problems as more severe than others. Those struggling with bipolar, borderline, PTSD, depression, and many other DSM-IV problems appear on our radar as people who really need help. But what about a highly functional person living a quiet life characterized by spiritual apathy, greed, sloth, subtle pride, or indifference to others? You won't find these struggles in the DSM-IV, but you will find them taken seriously in the Scriptures. What appears to be "normal" is not so in Scripture. As Christians and leaders, we are called to encourage everyone. In this workshop, you will learn how to remain alert to the entire spectrum of struggles with sin and suffering.

This lecture is from the 2011 National Conference, “Psychiatric Disorders.” Also available as a DVD curriculum designed to be used individually or in a group setting.