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Guilt & Shame: 2012 National Conference Download


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6 general sessions and 16 breakout sessions

Have you ever felt shame? Struggled with a lingering sense of guilt? Do you know someone who wrestles with relentless feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt? Have you ever been treated in such a way that leaves you feeling stained, damaged? This conference aims to understand and speak to guilt and shame through the truth of Scripture, and to equip those who attend with the resources to do the same—in their own lives and the lives of others.

Conference Details

  • Conference Dates: Friday, October 26, 2012 to Sunday, October 28, 2012
  • Conference Location: Chattanooga, TN

Product Details

  • 6 General Sessions + 16 Breakout Sessions (20 hours of audio)
  • Outlines & Slides not available with this product
  • 892 MB

General Sessions

Covered and Unashamed
Tim Lane

Guilt & Shame Before Jesus
Ed Welch

Guilt & Shame With Jesus
David Powlison

Guilt After Jesus
Mark Dever

Guilt and Shame, A Pastor’s Story
Joe Novenson & Tim Lane

Shame After Jesus
Ed Welch

Breakout Sessions

Corporate Worship that Speaks to the Guilty and Shamed
Winston Smith

Counseling Guilt and Shame for Men Struggling with Pornography
Deepak Reju

Guilt and Shame in Adult Survivors of Abuse
Cecelia Bernhardt

Legalism: When Guilt Trips are Religious
Ed Welch

Living in Babylon – Flourishing in Shaming Environments
Monica Kim

Low Self-Esteem
David Powlison

Mid-Life Crisis and End of Life Guilt
David Powlison

Perfectly Dreadful: Recognizing and Overcoming Perfectionism
Mike Emlet

Shame and Church Discipline
Tim Lane

Shame in Divorce
Winston Smith

Shame on You: Overcoming Shame-based Parenting
Julie Lowe

Shyness, Performance Anxiety & Stage Fright
Aaron Sironi

Something’s Gotta Give – A Testimony of Grace
Randy & Joan Nabors

The Beginning of Guilt
Mark Dever

The Silence is Deafening: Understanding and Welcoming Those with Same-Sex Attraction
Mike Emlet

What Should I Tell My Spouse About My Sexual Sin?
Alasdair Groves