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ONE For Better and Worse: 2010 National Conference Download


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8 general sessions and 15 breakout sessions

A Marriage Conference About Much More than Marriage

While this conference will address many of the obvious issues (communication, conflict and intimacy just to name a few), the goal of this conference is intended to be so much more. Marriage is a big thing in the Bible. But it's a big thing because it is about things bigger than marriage itself. There is something about biblical marriage that is wrapped up with the very heart of the relationship between God and his people. Nowhere is that more clear than in Paul's letter to the Ephesians.

That is why during the general sessions from this conference, we walked through this entire epistle. So often, we want to jump right to the section on husbands and wives in chapter 5. But if we do that, we miss the bigger context in which these verses find their life and meaning. We discover together that marriage is a call unto God and unto one another. We learn to love as one and even fight as one. And we explore the calling to be husband and wife in union with Christ within the body of Christ.

Conference Details

  • Conference Dates: Friday, November 12, 2010 to Sunday, November 14, 2010
  • Conference Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Product Details

  • 8 General Sessions + 20 Breakout Sessions (21 hours of audio)
  • Outlines & Slides not available with this product
  • 956 MB

General Sessions

Finally ONE: Ephesians 6:10-24
Ed Welch

Keeping Marriage Counseling on Track (Part 1)
Winston Smith

Keeping Marriage Counseling on Track (Part 2)
Winston Smith

ONE Anothering: Ephesians 4:17-5:2
Julie Lowe

ONE Calling Unto God and Others: Ephesians 1-3
Tim Lane

ONE Calling Unto Unity and Maturity: Ephesians 4:1-16
Mike Emlet

ONE in the Fight: Ephesians 5:3-5:21
Bob Lepine

ONE: Wives and Husbands: Ephesians 5:22-6:9
David Powlison

Breakout Sessions

Adultery: Can There Be a Day After the Worst Day Ever?
Tim Lane

Fighting for Your Marriage: Building a Bond Instead of Walls
Monica Kim

Forgiveness: The Divine Insanity
John Applegate

How Your Marriage Adorns the Gospel
Bob Lepine

I’ve Got a Secret
Ed Welch

Me, Myself and I
Cecelia Bernhardt

Step Families
Winston Smith

Subtle Intimacy Killers
Mike Emlet

Thriving in a Failure-to-Thrive Marriage
Julie Lowe

Too Broken to Fix?
Mike Emlet

What I’ve Learned
David Powlison & Ed Welch

What’s There to Talk About
Ed Welch

When Sinners Say “I Do” (Part 1)
Dave Harvey

When Sinners Say “I Do” (Part 2)
Dave Harvey

When Will the New Day Dawn? Loving a Spouse Who Was Victimized in the Past
David Powlison