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David Powlison

Low self-esteem part 2: A case study

August 22, 2016



Low Self-Esteem Part 2: In Part 1 of this podcast, Dr. David Powlison introduced us to Jimmy who is a man classified as suffering from “low self-esteem.” He challenges us to think through how descriptions, masquerading as explanations, often persuade us that they have the truth about understanding people. This week he will discuss why the self-esteem worldview “appears” to create success stories and why the biblical understanding of self-evaluation goes deeper and beyond rehabilitating the fear of man.

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David Powlison

Author, Speaker

David Powlison served as CCEF’s executive director (2014-2019), a faculty member, and senior editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling. He held a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and an MDiv from Westminster Theological Seminary. David wrote extensively on biblical counseling and on the relationship between faith and psychology. His books Seeing with New Eyes and Speaking Truth in Love probe the implications of Scripture for how to understand people and how to counsel. The Biblical Counseling Movement: History and Context explores the background and development of CCEF’s mission. David is survived by his wife Nan, their three children and spouses, and seven grandchildren.

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