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Paul David Tripp

Wisdom in Counseling

Journal of Biblical Counseling 19:2

In this article, Paul Tripp argues that the purpose of biblical counseling is to change us from being fools to being wise. Tripp presents 6 key principles regarding wisdom: (1) Sin reduces us to fools who” saw against the grain” of the universe by acting independent and self-sufficient; (2) Our foolishness, by its very nature, is idolatrous, substituting something and anything for God; (3) We need to be rescued from foolishness; that rescue operation is what the Bible is about from front to back; (4) Counseling must address our heart idolatries, which deceive us because they seem so plausible and they happen amidst our professed Christianity; (5) At the heart of this rescue is not a system of redemption but a living, active Redeemer: a person, Jesus; and (6) We find wisdom as we submit to and trust Him. “The wise person rests in Christ’s control, relies on His grace, and lives for His glory.

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