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George M. Schwab

The Book of Job and Counsel in the Whirlwind

Journal of Biblical Counseling 17:1

In this article, George Schwab argues that the book of Job mirrors the experience of anyone who has suffered and been perplexed about why God has allowed such a thing to take place. Schwab maintains that Job is actually a ‘case study’ of a man who suffered and was counseled through it. He examines Job’s sufferings, Job’s reactions and counsel received from his friends. Schwab offers three insights into counseling: (1) Sometimes there is no direct relationship between a person’s sufferings and personal sin; (2) The Lord alone is wise and understands the design of what is happening; (3) God governs even the tumultuous and chaotic aspects of life, even evil. Schwab concludes that people who suffer need personal contact with God and complete restoration given by God.

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