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David PowlisonJohn V. Yenchko

Should We Get Married? Five “Pre-Engagement” Questions to Ask Yourselves

Journal of Biblical Counseling 14:3

In this article, David Powlison and John Yenchko give a series of five questions to help couples consider whether to get engaged. First, are you both Christians? This question includes not only someone’s profession of faith, but also nuances that explore whether the Lord is actually first in a person’s life. Second, do you have a track record of solving problems biblically? This question explores patterns of conflict and conflict resolution. Third, are you heading in the same direction in life? This question explores different ways the past needs to be left behind and whether there is a common direction towards the future. Fourth, what do others who know you well think of your relationship? Fifth, do you want to marry this person, accepting each other just as you are? Powlison and Yenchko conclude marriage is a choice, meant to be made in the right way.

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