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Featured image for “Peace, Be Still”: Learning Psalm 131 by Heart

David Powlison

“Peace, Be Still”: Learning Psalm 131 by Heart

Journal of Biblical Counseling 18:3

In this editorial, David Powlison examines Psalm 131 and argues that it is holy eavesdropping on the thought processes of a man at peace inside. Powlison maintains that Psalm 131:1 reveals how our proud self-will is our biggest problems, and causes the noisy static inside. Psalm 131:2 describes the process by which we become quiet and composed, and vividly likens it to the weaning of a child. Psalm 131:3 gives the reason for quiet in compact form. Powlison continues by examining a series of particulars, “ladders to nowhere” that pride erects: achievement, acquisition, appetite, and avoidance. He concludes by showing how Jesus reconfigures our inner mindset to become like His own.

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