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Joseph B. Vander Veer

Pastoral Psychopharmacology (Part 1)

Journal of Biblical Counseling 3:2

Part 1 of a 4 part series. In this article, Joseph Vander Veer introduces this new series of articles aimed at giving lay counselors and non-medically trained persons basic knowledge about the fundamentals of psychopharmacology. Namely, the actions, side effects and indications for the use of drugs commonly employed by physicians to treat behavioral disorders. He begins with a brief introduction, an overview of drug therapy and overview of antianxiety drugs. The article concludes with a brief glossary of terms. Part 1 is in JPP 3:2, Part 2 is in JPP 3:3, Part 3 is in JPP 3:4, Part 4 is in JPP 4:1.

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