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Featured image for Hebrew Helps for Busy Pastors (Part 6)

Dwight ZellerMilton Fisher

Hebrew Helps for Busy Pastors (Part 6)

Journal of Biblical Counseling 5:2

Part 6 of a 7 part series. In this article, Fisher and Zeller introduce their desire to help busy pastors with targeted, concise lessons on the biblical language of Hebrew. The seek to assist those who have already been introduced to biblical Hebrew but who have let it slide and desire to sharpen their skill. Part 1 is in JPP 3:1, Part 2 is in JPP 3:2, Part 3 is in JPP 3:4, Part 4 is in JPP 4:1, Part 5 is in JPP 4:4, Part 6 is in JPP 5:2 and Part 7 is in JPP 5:4.

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