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John F. Bettler

Biblical Counseling: The Next Generation

Journal of Biblical Counseling 8:4

Part 2 of a 3 part dialogue series. In this article, John Bettler responds to content in Jay Adams’s article “What About Emotional Abuse?” in JPP 8:3. Bettler expresses concerns that some of today’s generation of ‘biblical counselors’ may take Dr. Adams’s statements and themes and become so rigid that both truth and error may at times be distorted. Bettler presents several questions to consider: (1) Are we honest with our enemies? (2) Are we honest with the Scripture? and (3) Are we honest with the counselee’s problem? Part 1 (Adams’s original article) is in JPP 8:3; Part 2 (Bettler’s response) in JPP 8:4 and Part 3 (Adams’s reply to Bettler) in JPP 9:1.

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