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Host a Speaker

Request one of our speakers to come to your church, conference, or retreat

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For nearly 30 years, CCEF has had the privilege of partnering with local churches and ministries through sponsor-hosted speaking events. These events take a variety of forms based on the vision and needs of our hosts. Typically, CCEF faculty and staff are invited to speak on a range of biblical counseling topics based on a combination of the needs of our hosts and the expertise and availability of our speakers.

Hosting a speaker usually begins with identifying a speaker and potential topic. We ask that after reviewing the costs and guidelines below for hosting a speaker, hosts fill out the “Speaker Request Form” at the bottom of this page. This simple form will ask basic questions about host contact information and venue, proposed date range and schedule, proposed speaker and topic, previous experience hosting events, and more.

costs & guidelines

  • Hosts are responsible for planning and promoting their event. This includes, when necessary, marketing and communication about the event, online and onsite registration, venue and onsite logistics, and event programming. The CCEF Events team is happy to consult and provide feedback wherever helpful for the success of the event.
  • Hosts are asked to cover the costs of travel (air and ground), lodging, meals, and any costs related to hosting a CCEF speaker. For some events, we ask that an additional traveler (spouse or CCEF staff member) be covered to support the speaker.
  • Hosts are asked to pay a CCEF speaking fee that is relative to the experience of the speaker, the amount of teaching required, the demands of travel, and the size of the event. The speaking fee will be distributed by CCEF to the hosted speaker and our ministry operations.

Speaker Request Form

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