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How People Change Curriculum

Based on principles from their book, How People Change, Paul David Tripp and Timothy S. Lane have created this study guide to be used, along with the corresponding, facilitator guide and video seminar, in church-wide training, small group, Sunday school, youth group, or one-on-one discipleship settings.

Change doesn’t happen overnight for the Christian. Growth is a lifelong journey. Tripp and Lane masterfully guide readers toward biblical truths that lead to a life of repentance and faith. The How People Change study invites participants to consider their circumstances as well as their responses to them—examining the heart’s desire and turning toward Christ.

The How People Change Curriculum helps participants understand the underlying motivations for their actions, giving them specific, practical help in changing long-standing patterns of behavior so they grow in love for God and others. Each of the twelve lessons includes teaching, homework discussion, relational application, illustrations, group discussion guide, and “Make It Real” life applications. The facilitator’s guide is for use in conjunction with the study guide and DVD seminar. The curriculum is designed to be used as a stand-alone set and does not require the purchase of the original book.

About the Instructors

Timothy S. Lane, MDiv, DMin, is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) with over 30 years of experience in pastoral ministry, counseling, teaching, and executive leadership. He is the author of several minibooks and the coauthor of the books How People Change and Relationships: A Mess Worth Making and the curricula Change and Your Relationships and How People Change. Tim speaks internationally, consults with churches, and writes about the importance of pastoral care.

Paul David Tripp, M.Div., D.Min., is president of Paul Tripp Ministries whose mission is to educate and equip today’s Christian by combining the in-depth study of God’s Word with practical life application. Paul is also a pastor with over fifteen years of pastoral ministry experience and the author of several best-selling titles including: Instruments in the Redeemer’s HandsAge of OppurtunityLost in the Middle, and How People Change. Paul is married to Luella and has four grown children.

Book/DVD Details

Study Guide: 192 pages
Facilitator’s Guide: 208 pages
DVD: 2 Disc DVD Set (309 minutes)
Publisher: New Growth Press
Publication Year: 2005

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Contents (Study Guide, Facilitator's Guide, and DVD (Includes Run Times in parentheses))

Bonus Material for Leaders (21:01)
Introduction (28:01)
Lesson 1: Here’s Where God Is Taking You (13:40)
Lesson 2: So, You’re Married to Christ (17:38)
Lesson 3: Change Is a Community Project (26:02)
Lesson 4: Life as God Sees It, Change as God Does It (17:29)
Lesson 5: HEAT 1: The Real God in the Real World (16:26)
Lesson 6: HEAT 2: The Real You in the Real World (14:47)
Lesson 7: THORNS 1: What Entangles You? (25:35)
Lesson 8: THORNS 2: Why Do You Get Entangled? (21:07)
Lesson 9: CROSS 1: New Identity and New Potential (15:12)
Lesson 10: CROSS 2: The Cross and Daily Living (21:31)
Lesson 11: FRUIT 1: Real Heart Change (29:34)
Lesson 12: FRUIT 2: New and Surprising Fruit (25:45)
At a Glance: How People Change (14:35)