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Crossroads: A Step-by-Step Guide Away from Addictions

To walk with an addict is both a gift and a grief. In Crossroads: A Step-by-Step Guide Away from Addiction Facilitator’s Guide, Welch walks leaders through the process of loving, connecting with, and speaking truth to a group of addicts. This book contains helpful observations about the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual state common to most addicts. With access to Welch’s solid theology on addiction and years of counseling experience, counselors, pastors, and others with a heart for people who are hurting can play an active role in God’s restorative work in the lives of those enslaved to an addiction.

Every one of us is a potential addict. In a pressure-filled world, the prospect of instant escape can be exhilarating. No matter the object-drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, or sex, just to name a few-addictions lure us. They extend the promise of pleasure. In the end, they deliver emptiness, death, and destruction. What began as an escape from the hassles of life becomes a form of bondage. Addiction is a voluntary slavery. Change doesn’t come easily. But change is possible!

Crossroads was designed as a group study for those struggling with addiction. These ten steps, presented in author Ed Welch’s trademark direct, no-nonsense style, provide a biblical framework for change. Welch is a wise and loving partner who walks beside readers on their journey to freedom. Along the way, they will learn to recognize the patterns of addiction, to choose wisdom over foolish desires, and to cling to the hope they have in Jesus, who sets captives free. The path away from addiction has been laid by a God who is full of surprises, who faithfully pursues those enslaved even though they have deliberately avoided him.

Book Details

144 pages
Publisher: New Growth Press
Publication Year: 2008

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Take an Honest Look at Yourself
Step 1: Listen
Step 2: Confess That You Are Double-Minded
Step 3: Know Your Story
Step 4: Go Public
Take an Honest Look at God
Step 5: Know the God
Step 6: Follow Jesus
Take the Right Path
Step 7: Have a Plan
Step 8: Love Others
Step 9: Respond Well When You Go Wrong
Step 10: Welcome to the Banquet
And Repeat

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