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Book cover for Trauma: Caring for Survivors

Trauma: Caring for Survivors

Written byDarby Strickland

Survivors of trauma often face extreme and overwhelming suffering. Their wounds are so complex—anyone who desires to effectively treat the vast impacts of trauma must offer comprehensive and intentional care.

Darby Strickland helps counselors and helpers to understand trauma and its effects so they can offer compassion and comfort that is both biblical and trauma informed. She presents the foundations of trauma care, so that readers can address the impact of a sufferer’s  experience, ensure the safety and stability of the survivor, and build trust with the hurting. These tools will help counselors and helpers to restore a sufferer to flourishing in their love for God and others. In this way, those who counsel trauma sufferers along the perilous journey of recovery can emulate our good and ultimate Guide... and learn to trust him for the results.

Book Details

56 pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Publication Year: 2023

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