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Book cover for Suicide: Understanding and Intervening

Suicide: Understanding and Intervening

Written byJeffrey S. Black

Suicide is profoundly tragic. What depth of unbearable pain and hopelessness suicidal people experience. And when a Christian commits or contemplates suicide, it is both tragic and confusing.

Jeffrey Black tells us that the intention to commit suicide is a crisis—a sinful act born out of pain and sorrow. Though promised new life in Christ and a living hope, some believers don’t keep their eyes focused on these truths. God has the power to help.

Here we learn the signs of suicide and guidelines for intervening when someone appears suicidal.

About the Author

Jeffrey S. Black, PhD, MAR, MA, serves as a professor and program advisor at Cairn University in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

Book Details

40 pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Publication Year: 2003

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