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Book cover for Should We Get Married? How to Evaluate Your Relationship

Should We Get Married? How to Evaluate Your Relationship

Written byBill Smith

You know you’re in love–you always want to be together, and you think about each other all the time–but does that mean you’re ready to get married? How do you decide if your relationship is strong enough for marriage?

William P. Smith gives you a series of questions based on biblical principles that you can use to assess your relationship’s strengths and weaknesses. Answering these questions about your vision, goals, and potential conflicts will help you decide together whether you should slow your relationship down or move forward toward marriage. This booklet is a great resource for pastors and others to use during premarital counseling or classes.

About the Author

William P. Smith, MDiv, PhD, is a pastor and director of the community counseling center at Chelten Baptist Church, Dresher, Pennsylvania. He has authored the books Loving Well (Even When You Haven’t Been) and Caught Off Guard: Encounters with the Unexpected God as well as numerous minibooks including How Do I Stop Losing It with My Kids? and How to Love Difficult People. Bill is regularly invited to speak at other churches and lead weekend retreats. He and his wife Sally are the parents of three very active children.

Book Details

24 pages
Publisher: New Growth Press
Publication Year: 2008

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