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Book cover for Procrastination: First Steps to Change

Procrastination: First Steps to Change

Written byWalter Henegar

“I’ve been procrastinating most of my life. If a task is even remotely unpleasant, my tendency is to put it off. It’s not that I’m lazy; I’m actually very busy. I just wait as long as possible to do the really hard stuff.”

This is how author Walter Henegar describes his life. Does it sound like your experience? If so, this booklet will help you see procrastination from God’s point of view, and show you how to change.

Henegar recognizes that even though procrastination is acceptable in our culture, it is a deeply rooted sinful pattern in our lives. Only by God’s goodness and grace can our hearts be changed.

Do you procrastinate? Do you doubt that you can change? Ask God to change you, and trust that he is able to do it.

About the Author

Walter Henegar, MDiv, is the senior pastor of Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church.

Book Details

24 pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Publication Year: 2004

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