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Book cover for Opiate-Related Disorders: Helping Those Who Struggle

Opiate-Related Disorders: Helping Those Who Struggle

Written byEamon Wilson

Is someone you love struggling in the grip of opioid addiction? Is the person you once knew now obscured by a fog of half-truths, unfamiliar behaviors, and outright lies? As the opioid crisis in the United States intensifies, thousands upon thousands of families and friends each year are left wondering what happened to their loved ones, and what, if anything, they can do to help.

Eamon Wilson explores the nature of addiction, helping loved ones understand that addiction is at the same time biological, sinful, and painful, but it is also an opportunity for redemption. This understanding informs family members and friends of the various levels of help, healing, and repentance that need to take place in an addict’s life, and it also helps them recognize the common pitfalls of avoidance and over-control that they can stumble into as they respond to their loved one’s destructive choices.

Wilson urges concerned readers to walk in wisdom and faith as they relate to their addicted loved one, and to seek the support of Christian community and the care of their heavenly Father as they navigate this difficult path.

About the Author

Eamon Wilson is a licensed clinical psychologist in Northern Ontario. He obtained a masters of divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Widener University. Eamon provides therapy for individuals across their lifespan as well as psychological evaluations in remote communities.

Book Details

24 pages
Publisher: New Growth Press
Publication Year: 2019

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