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Book cover for Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter

Written byCCEF

Change that goes deeper than the surface of our lives happens over the long haul as we daily remember and connect the truths of the gospel to our lives. Every day we need to be reminded—in different ways—that Jesus, God’s own Son, came to this world to save us from sin, sorrow, and death. The promises of God, which are all “yes” in Jesus, change the way we view ourselves, our circumstances, and other people.

This devotional gives a daily reminder of these life-changing truths. Anchored in Scripture and saturated with the gospel, the 366 selections include the following topics: love, hope, grace, redemption, faith, contentment, conflict, relationships, prayer, fear, patience, humility, and anger.

These reflections will help the reader to:

  • Learn how God in his Word addresses a host of life situations;
  • Focus on how the gospel intersects with life;
  • Look beyond circumstances to God’s purposes;
  • See how God values relationship and to learn to value it too by persisting, by speaking truth in love, and by not shying away from conflict.
  • Grow in wisdom when confronted by life’s changes.
  • Learn that God works change that is effective and visible.

About the Authors

The devotional selections are excerpted from books and other materials written by the experienced counselors at CCEF. Contributors include: Jayne V. Clark, Michael R. Emlet, Robert D. Jones, Timothy S. Lane, James C. Petty, David Powlison, William P. Smith, Winston T. Smith, Paul David Tripp, and Edward T. Welch.

Book Details

412 Pages
Publisher: New Growth Press
Publication Year: 2012


Various titles (365 daily devotionals on a wide range of counseling topics)

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