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Book cover for God As Father: When Your Own Father Failed

God As Father: When Your Own Father Failed

Written byDavid Powlison

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When your earthly father has hurt you, how can you know God as a loving heavenly Father? Some say it can’t happen unless someone will stand in your father’s place, giving you a loving new image to use in relating to God. Is this true? David Powlison says that this well-intentioned perspective will fail to meet the need. It overlooks the way our own hearts contribute to our view of God. And it makes our hope for change dependent on another person, instead of connecting us to the power of Christ and his Word. In encouraging yet challenging ways, Powlison shows us that God is at work through and despite our father’s failures to help us know him as our true heavenly Father.

Book Details

20 pages
Publisher: Vantage Point Books
Publication Year: 2005

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