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Book cover for Domestic Abuse: Recognize, Respond, Rescue

Domestic Abuse: Recognize, Respond, Rescue

Written byDarby Strickland

What hope is there when a loved one’s marriage is abusive?

One spouse seeking to control and dominate the other is a prevalent problem, and even Christian marriages are not safe from it. But how can counselors and concerned family and friends know how to approach it . . . or even recognize it?

Experienced Christian counselor Darby Strickland demonstrates how to recognize and uncover oppression, then uses Scripture to show what is truly happening in abusive marriages. She equips us to be wise and informed as we confront oppressors and advocate for the oppressed.

Learn to walk patiently with victims and guide abusers toward repentance, through concrete suggestions for reorienting the heart of the oppressor while comforting and protecting the oppressed.

Book Details

56 pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Publication Year: 2018

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