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Book cover for Caught Off Guard: Encounters with the Unexpected God

Caught Off Guard: Encounters with the Unexpected God

Written byBill Smith

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In Caught Off Guard, Bill Smith bridges the chasm between the heart and the head. Where is the reality of God in the middle of careers and groceries? Why are so many believers frustrated with the enormous gap between what they know about God and how they actually live?

Smith graciously addresses these seekers who have become dissatisfied with merely “talking theology” and instead yearn to taste and experience the “real thing,” a God who longs for relationship with them. With real stories from today and biblical times, Smith demonstrates surprising and often unnoticed attributes of a loving and purposeful God by proving:
  • How God draws near to the radically undeserving
  • How God responds to people who have feeble faith or even active doubt
  • How God will help you as you seek to live a righteous life
  • How God changes the people around you by radically transforming your heart, mind, and soul

In this book, Smith draws an irresistible picture of the heart of God that shatters conventional wisdom, remains true to biblical principles and invites people to reconsider a deeper trust in our uncontrollable, loving God.

About the Author

William P. Smith, M.Div., Ph.D. Bill is a Pastor and Director of the Community Counseling Center at Chelten Baptist Church, Dresher, PA. He has authored the book Loving Well: Even If You Haven’t Been and numerous CCEF minibooks including How Do I Stop Losing It with My Children? and How to Love Difficult People. Bill and his wife Sally are the parents of three very active children.

Book Details

177 pages
Publisher: New Growth Press
Publication Year: 2007


Part I – God Shows You His Heart
Chapter 1 – Do you feel lost and confused?
Chapter 2 – Do you think God is out to get you?
Chapter 3 – Do you doubt that Jesus would ever want to be your friend?
Chapter 4 – Do you worry that you’ll wear out God’s patience
Chapter 5 – Do you feel as if Jesus has to put up with you (and wishes he didn’t)?
Part II – God Calms Your Fears
Chapter 6 – Are you scared he’ll hurt you when he’s angry?
Chapter 7 – Are you afraid he’ll threaten you to make you behave?
Chapter 8 – Do you suspect he’ll only help you if you help yourself?
Chapter 9 – Are you worried he won’t help you until your faith gets stronger?
Chapter 10 – Are you scared he’ll reject you when you let him down?
Part III – God Provides What You Need
Chapter 11 – Do you seize the chances Jesus gives you?
Chapter 12 – How do you respond when Jesus intercedes for you?
Chapter 13 – Do you embrace Jesus’ restoration when you fall?
Chapter 14 – Do you realize Jesus never leaves you on your own?
Chapter 15 – Do you long for Jesus’ transforming presence?
Part IV – God Radically Transforms You
Chapter 16 – Are you growing in humble honesty?
Chapter 17 – Are you getting better at confessing your faults?
Chapter 18 – Are you learning to open up your life to others?
Chapter 19 – Are you learning to forgive?
Chapter 20 – Are you growing in serving others?

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