Blog Post Oct 15, 2014

Most marriages have times when one spouse does not like the other, and the dislike is usually mutual—at least my “friends” tell me that is accurate, though I’m confident that even when my wife thinks she doesn’t like me, she secretly—very secretly—likes me. For some of us, these times happen less frequently and we manage them with more skill and grace. For others, mutual dislike is chronic rather than acute, and marital hopelessness becomes the rule

Blog Post Sep 26, 2014

This scares me. 

Recently, I was talking with an older, single man who keeps drifting back into sexual sin. It’s as if the tide of sexuality is going to win in the end—like he is destined to postpone sexual sin—but not to beat it. That way of thinking is scary enough, but there is more.

While we talked, I quietly reflected on how my battle with sexual sin is easier because I am married. I did not mean it is easier because I have opportunities to have a

Blog Post Sep 17, 2014

The hardships of daily life can make Scripture a little blurry. God’s goodness, which seemed so obvious yesterday, can be obscured by the worries and troubles of today. As such, I am always eager to find Scripture that encourages my confidence in its divine authorship. Every once in a while, I feel like I need to be wowed. 

The Apostle Paul’s rebuke to the church in Corinth about the Lord’s supper can do that.

When you come

Blog Post Sep 08, 2014

Here is a familiar question: How can pastors afford to spend much of their time counseling when they have sermons to prepare, visits to make, and a million other things to do? A common refrain from a pastor sounds like this:  “I can meet with someone once, but I do not have time to meet regularly with people for ongoing counseling.”

It’s true.  Say “counseling” to a group of pastors and some of them will run because they think you are going

Blog Post Aug 22, 2014

On the Monday morning after Mother’s Day in 2013, life began as normal in the Lowe home. We were rushing around getting ready for school and work, taking care of our menagerie of pets, and making a list for the day’s agenda. We live a full life with five children, two dogs, two cats, three birds, and two bunnies. I was on vacation and looking forward to rest from work and time to tackle things I never have time for. 

But my day did not turn out as expected. By noon, I

Video Aug 18, 2014

Ed Welch talks about what his pre-conference "Introduction to Biblical Counseling" for the 2014 National Conference.

Blog Post Aug 13, 2014

The voices have become a chorus. We are all moving too fast. Social media and texting can damage your soul—they work against human design rather than with it. As always, leaps in technology come with both advantages and unanticipated hazards, and the hazards of our e-world are now becoming common knowledge. 

Let me add my experience from the last few weeks. 

  • I have been in restaurants where more than 30% of diners were on their smart phones.

Blog Post Aug 04, 2014

There is typically a dominant metaphor—a picture—that shapes our care for other people. It might not be held consciously, but as you scan your relationships, a picture will emerge. The possibilities include shepherd, brother, sister, father, mother, friend, priest and scores of others. 

One I heard recently was that of host or hostess. It came from Jamie Rose and it identified how she and Melissa Clemens do counseling in West Philadelphia1