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Do you think of counseling as a Western middle-class phenomenon? To the average person counseling is a professional activity governed by the healthcare system. So what is biblical counseling? It is hands-on ministry to people who struggle. It relies on God’s presence, power and wisdom. It is worldly in the good sense of the term: practical in focus and addressing every nation, tribe and tongue. 

30% of our students are international. These brothers and sisters are implementing biblical counseling ministry into their own cultural contexts. In Rwanda a CCEF-trained pastor does peacemaking with people slowly recovering from the genocide. One of our graduates in the Ukraine equips pastors and lay people in how to do pastoral care. A student from England has a vision for helping the elderly face the shadows of death. Ministries of biblical wisdom cross every cultural and physical boundary. 

CCEF’s writing and teaching ministries have a worldwide influence. This is both a calling and a responsibility we want to steward well. We need your help.  

  • This spring, Winston Smith, Ed Welch, Mike Emlet, and I (our four most experienced faculty members) are traveling to do ministry of the Word on trips to Europe and Asia. We still need approximately $20,000 to cover costs.
  • CCEF is committed to sending 1,800 books and booklets to pastors attending a conference in New Delhi, India this May. This distribution of resources is part of a new partnership with the Biblical Counseling Trust of India. We need to raise $12,000 to offset the cost of this investment. 
  • Two seasoned pastors from the UK are coming to our Philadelphia campus this spring for hands-on mentoring. This was not planned in our budget and we are not charging them any fees. Your financial support is investment in these men.  
  • We are helping to form the next generation of biblical counselors—younger faculty, teaching assistants, instructors, counselors and interns. Personal formation is time-intensive but crucial in order to pass the baton to the younger generation. This important work is underwritten by our donors.  

In addition to the particular needs listed above, we need to raise $200,000 by May 31st.  Please consider supporting our ministry.

Gratefully in Christ on behalf of all who minister at CCEF,

David Powlison, Executive Director

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