Blog Post Aug 31, 2015

Let me start at what might seem like an odd place. I believe that life in Jesus expresses an essential humanness that breaks down artificial walls between personal life, social life, and ministry life. I experience life as “chocolate milk”—all stirred together—rather than separated into discrete, alternating categories, “a glass of milk + a candy bar.” 

We see this clearly  in the psalms. They speak from the heart, inviting each of us to

Blog Post Aug 19, 2015

Today Cecelia Bernhardt tells us about her upcoming conference talk at the 2015 National Conference and what she is learning in her counseling. As you read, please pray for her teaching and counseling, and consider supporting a day of ministry. We need $2,300 in donations on any given day to support our work.

Question: You will be speaking at the national conference about how the church can become a place of healing for

Video Aug 18, 2015

Ed sits down and talks about practical steps that an angry person can take.

Blog Post Aug 15, 2015

I occasionally enter swimming competitions in which swimmers are placed in age-groups (20-25, 25-30, 30-35 and so on). The advantage is that the older I get, the less the competition. The problem is that I don’t practice. Instead, I watch a few YouTube videos about start and stroke technique, and I hope to bring that knowledge into my events, as if observing the technique of an Olympian will transform me into one.

The first time I tried this training strategy, a.k.a laziness, I

Blog Post Aug 13, 2015

My pastor dropped the rather lengthy article in my lap. I was at our community pool in the summer of 2005, and really just wanted an escape from the pressures of running my dental practice. Reading a Vince Flynn novel was more what I had in mind. "You've just got to read this!" he said. "Oh, and let's plan to go to this CCEF conference in November." 

When watershed moments happen in our lives, we are unaware of how life-changing they will be until we

Blog Post Aug 10, 2015

Today Mike Emlet shares what he is working on. As you read, please pray for his writing and teaching, and consider supporting a day of ministry. We need $2,300 in donations on any given day to support our work. 

Please tell us about your current writing projects.

I'm putting the finishing touches on an article for the Journal of Biblical Counseling entitled "What's in a Name? Understanding Psychiatric Diagnoses" In it I

Blog Post Aug 07, 2015

The School of Biblical Counseling at CCEF has been a life-changing portal for my relationship with God, my marriage, family and ministry. I discovered CCEF, through a friend, more than ten years ago in the midst of a messy life. I began to take the online courses, working my way through everything CCEF offered, including the summer intensives in Glenside, Pennsylvania.  

I thought I would start figuring out biblical counseling slowly by taking Dynamics of Biblical Counseling, the