Blog Post Feb 25, 2015

Churches often contact CCEF asking how to establish a counseling ministry. Frequently they want a manual or step-by-step guide. But a wise answer to the “how to” question calls for a number of orienting conversations that precede the implementation of any program for offering counseling. “Ten Questions to Help You Establish Biblical Counseling Ministries in Your Church” is a talk I give for pastors and other ministry leaders. The ten questions are designed to help

Video Feb 25, 2015

Winston Smith answers the question, "What would you say to someone who is fearful of being married?"

Blog Post Feb 23, 2015

What relational wisdom have you learned that is important in your marriage or other close relationships? There are things we all know to do, though implement irregularly: praying together, asking forgiveness, seeing the work of the Spirit in the other, and not giving advice when the other person simply wants to be known. These bless all Christian relationships. But I am thinking about micro-applications of how faith expresses itself in love (Gal. 5:6).  These might not be obvious at

Blog Post Feb 16, 2015

I am a mother of five and a counselor. I interact with children all the time. Sadly, many of the children I meet with at CCEF experience tough and heart-breaking life circumstances, and some have suffered abuse and mistreatment. Through my work, God has given me a passion to help protect the vulnerable. I am committed to growing in wisdom on this issue and to see the larger Christian community become knowledgeable, competent, and biblically wise when it comes to handling allegations of abuse

Blog Post Feb 16, 2015

To comment about something one neither saw nor read, borders on foolishness. So I will try to be careful and brief. I avoided 50 Shades of Grey. That is, I tried to avoid even reading anything about it. But recently I succumbed and read a review because it was in a popular newspaper and its headline made the review sound prudent and critical, which it was. And now the idea of the movie is temporarily lodged in my consciousness. 

The movie will create a temporary backlash

Blog Post Feb 09, 2015

Terry Eagleton, in Culture and the Death of God, writes that secularization begins “when religious faith ceases to be vitally at stake in the political sphere” (p. 1).  Eagleton is especially interested in matters of church and state but we can appropriate his comment by asking this question: When does religious faith cease to be vitally at stake in counseling, pastoral care and life? It is that word vitally that gets us thinking. In other words:

Video Feb 03, 2015

Winston Smith answers the question, "What would you say to someone who is fearful of being single?"

Blog Post Feb 02, 2015

Sometimes our help for someone who is hurting starts with, “How are you?” Sometimes it starts with reading Scripture. 

1 Chronicles 17 is one of those irresistible passages. The kingdom of Israel is relatively settled, in that no armies are in sight threatening to obliterate the people. You sense that families are finally attending to a few domestic chores. David, then, thinks that it is time for God to have a permanent house among the people. His rationale