Blog Post Jul 30, 2015

Aaron Sironi is a faculty member at CCEF and also serves as the director of counseling at the CCEF affiliate office in Montana. He wrote an article in the latest issue of the Journal of Biblical Counseling (29:2) titled “Healing from Post-Abortion Grief.” Aaron and intern, Ann-Marie McKittrick, are exploring how to serve alongside a crisis pregnancy ministry in Billings, Montana, and yearn to see the church become a place of

Blog Post Jul 24, 2015

Oh, those infamous prayer requests!

“We need to pray for Olivia and Liam. I heard that they might be getting a divorce!”

“I’m calling to ask for prayer for the church board. Something big is happening tonight. The chairman might resign!”

How do we keep gossip out of our prayer ministries? This is the most frequently asked question people ask me since I began teaching on resisting gossip.

It’s complicated. We want to encourage

Blog Post Jul 24, 2015

Today Ed Welch shares what he is working on. As you read please pray for Ed’s trip to Australia this week and consider supporting a day of ministry. We need $2,300 in donations on any given day to support our work. 

Can you tell us why CCEF travels abroad to speak and teach? What do you enjoy most about your international trips?

In recent years I have been traveling more. I am by nature a homebody, but I enjoy these opportunities for a

Video Jul 21, 2015

David sits down to talk about the Journal of Biblical Counseling.

More info

Blog Post Jul 17, 2015

Today Winston Smith and Alasdair Groves share what they are working on. As you read please pray for their writing project and consider supporting a day of ministry. We need $2,300 in donations on any given day to support our work. 

Tell us about the writing project you are currently working on together. 

Alasdair: Winston and I are co-writing a book on emotions. We counsel and know many people who feel guilty for experiencing negative

Blog Post Jul 13, 2015

The leader’s guide for the book Side by Side is free, but before you download it, let me give you some background.

The Book
The book started life about twenty-five years ago as a 650-page introduction to biblical counseling. Within one day

Blog Post Jul 09, 2015

I’m increasingly convinced that creation is one big treasure hunt. God apparently loves hiding things in our world for us to discover and develop.

Think about the way God made the world. He hid little deposits of gold, silver and iron for us in a globe- sized sandbox. And then, inside the gold, silver and iron, he infused the potential for ornate chandeliers, skyscrapers and jackknives, all just waiting to be unlocked by his delighted children. Or take the way he tucked the