Blog Post Mar 25, 2015

There is currently a growing evangelical movement in Québec that has a special emphasis on biblical counseling. Québec is an unlikely place for this—less than 1% of its population is evangelical. This makes Québec a mission field with one of the largest unreached people groups in North America.

Matthieu Caron is a leader in this movement. He is the pastor at Shawinigan-Sud Baptist Church in Québec. He is also a professor at Séminaire Baptiste Évangélique du Québec Seminary (

Blog Post Mar 10, 2015

Steve Casey is the pastor of Speke Baptist Church in Liverpool, England. Early on in ministry he was looking for training to help him lead people into a deeper relationship with Christ. It was then that he stumbled upon CCEF’s course, Dynamics of Biblical Change. In 2008 he began taking our online classes. Last year he joined us in Glenside for a pastoral internship with our senior faculty. Here Steve shares the ways he has grown in his understanding and practice of pastoral care.

Blog Post Mar 03, 2015

Suppose you wanted to get biblical counselling going in a country where the church doesn’t have any tradition of working in that sort of way. Suppose you wanted to generate enthusiasm for a biblical counselling approach but realised how little you knew about driving that sort of initiative forward. Where would you turn? What would be the ideal way of getting help?

How about a three month visit to CCEF to be generously hosted by their faculty and allowed to sit in on just about

Blog Post Mar 02, 2015

If you are a big-time confessor of sin when you are depressed—and there are a few of you—then please skip this. But if you are prone to depression, and confession is not high on your list, this might help.

The misery of depression is in its apathy. That’s what makes you feel dead. You feel nothing, so you do nothing. Or you feel agitated, but agitation is not the same as passion. Passion wants to do something; agitation is aimless. The skills to take a stand against

Blog Post Feb 25, 2015

Churches often contact CCEF asking how to establish a counseling ministry. Frequently they want a manual or step-by-step guide. But a wise answer to the “how to” question calls for a number of orienting conversations that precede the implementation of any program for offering counseling. “Ten Questions to Help You Establish Biblical Counseling Ministries in Your Church” is a talk I give for pastors and other ministry leaders. The ten questions are designed to help

Video Feb 25, 2015

Winston Smith answers the question, "What would you say to someone who is fearful of being married?"

Blog Post Feb 23, 2015

What relational wisdom have you learned that is important in your marriage or other close relationships? There are things we all know to do, though implement irregularly: praying together, asking forgiveness, seeing the work of the Spirit in the other, and not giving advice when the other person simply wants to be known. These bless all Christian relationships. But I am thinking about micro-applications of how faith expresses itself in love (Gal. 5:6).  These might not be obvious at

Blog Post Feb 16, 2015

I am a mother of five and a counselor. I interact with children all the time. Sadly, many of the children I meet with at CCEF experience tough and heart-breaking life circumstances, and some have suffered abuse and mistreatment. Through my work, God has given me a passion to help protect the vulnerable. I am committed to growing in wisdom on this issue and to see the larger Christian community become knowledgeable, competent, and biblically wise when it comes to handling allegations of abuse