Blog Post Apr 28, 2016

How do you know if an opportunity is worth your investment? For my part, it is rarely a logical process about deciding where to invest. I’m typically more driven by a vision that catches me, a story that grabs me, a need that moves me. And I want to share a new and urgent opportunity that we have been moved by here at CCEF.

It is a meeting of the European Leadership Forum (ELF) in Wisla, Poland, May 21-26, 2016. The goal of ELF is to

Blog Post Apr 27, 2016

In a world of shysters and cons, you are wise to be alert to their strategies. When at the train station in Rome, pickpockets are everywhere so keep money and important documents secure. When you receive internet requests for money, ignore them. When you are promised a 10% return on your investment, don’t give up a penny. And when you have an enemy who is always out to get you, stay current with his schemes.

Anyone whom you forgive, I also forgive.

Blog Post Apr 21, 2016

Scripture is clear. We just have to read it. Ezra read the book of the law to the Hebrew exiles and the people wept (Neh. 8). So we, too, should listen and respond to the reading of Scripture. But—it is a little more complicated than that. The reading by Ezra was for those “who could understand what they heard” (Neh. 8:2) and Levites were offering interpretive help. Understanding Scripture is not always easy.

For us, factor in that Scripture was originally written

Blog Post Apr 19, 2016

Among the many embarrassing choices in my life is that I have gone to a few vacation timeshare presentations—I will not say how many. I tell my long-suffering wife that the presentation will only be an hour, I will tell the presenter “no” up front, and we will get some kind of award for attending.

When the presentation begins, the initial price for the timeshare is outrageous and I remain firm in my “no.” Then the price comes down. Still “no.

Blog Post Apr 19, 2016

Taking courses through CCEF’s online School of Biblical Counseling has been immensely valuable to my soul, to my family, and for my ministry to others. While working full-time and serving as an elder in my church, I began taking courses back in 2011. And I've slowly soaked in each of the classes ever since. “Life-changing,” though it perhaps sounds cliché, is truly an accurate descriptor for these courses. I really mean that. Again and again, I was pointed to the Lord

Blog Post Apr 13, 2016

I was out of town at a conference and not seen my wife for five days and counting. I missed her. At the moment, the closest I could get to her was to use my Find My Friends app, in which she is my only friend. The orange icon showed that she was in a small restaurant—I knew it well. Then I remembered that she was going to have breakfast with two of her friends that day.

I could imagine them sitting there, enjoying their coffee, bagels and fellowship, making a little more noise

Blog Post Apr 05, 2016

A seventy-five-year-old man wanted to talk about his past, especially his childhood and early teen years, because his past felt so present. Like many of us, he wanted to be less controlled by his past and jettison its haunting episodes. 

Scripture does help us with our painful pasts, but it does more than that. It tells us to forget things we want to remember, and remember things we are likely to forget. Consider what Paul says in Philippians.

Blog Post Mar 31, 2016

Dear friends of CCEF, 

Scripture speaks words of life into the darkest places. God’s words to us are constructive and honest, and always loving, and always for our good. As we serve in ministry we are faced with an important question: How can we reflect God’s words as we speak with one another? I hope you will be encouraged by this article on the subject, Straight Talk.

People come