Blog Post May 21, 2015

I have often thought that just one, brief, sensory-filled visitation from the Lord would be the most effective way for me to be changed. It could be accomplished in a minute or less and would, I think, inspire greater obedience, less wavering or dullness of faith, more vivid hope, and tireless evangelistic zeal. That doesn’t seem too much to ask. 

I have also thought that it would be a fatherly kindness for God to be a little less veiled when his children are in dire

Blog Post May 15, 2015

Dianna is a biblical counselor to women at New Life Presbyterian Church in Escondido, CA (a CCEF supporting church). Dianna is married to Jim, an elder at New Life. They have 5 adult children and 3 grandsons. Jim and Dianna are monthly donors to CCEF.  

I first found out about CCEF when I was pursuing my seminary degree at Westminster Seminary in California. But it wasn’t until a seemingly insurmountable crisis in my own life that I learned to love and appreciate

Blog Post May 08, 2015

Mary Beth Lundgren works for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as the Midwest Coordinator for Staff Care and Discipleship. Her husband Jim oversees collegiate ministries nationally for InterVarsity.  She and her husband are monthly donors to CCEF.

As the Midwest Coordinator I meet with our campus staff ministers across a ten state Midwest region. I meet with each person one on one for mentoring and discipleship. We discuss a wide range of topics: seeking God’s

Blog Post Apr 30, 2015

I am bent toward realistic pessimism. Stock markets will go bad, my health will get worse, and I will die in a way that is not my first preference. These and many other prophecies seem realistic to me, and if I can maintain a certain level of this “Eyore-ness,” they might even ward off some future disappointment (though it seems odd to try to minimize disappointment by living with a low-grade version of it now).

There is, of course, a better way. God’s words to us

Video Apr 23, 2015

Ed Welch sits down and discusses our need for one another in the Christian life.

Blog Post Apr 22, 2015

One of the most frequent questions asked by counseling students is: how do we counsel unbelievers? How do we offer words about Jesus to those who have no commitment to him? 

In order to answer these questions, first consider a counselor’s unique vantage point. Our conversations usually take place when old ways of managing life are ineffective, and there is a sense of personal neediness. In such a context, unbelievers who once wanted nothing to do with religion are now

Blog Post Apr 16, 2015

The new issue of the Journal of Biblical Counseling offers articles with topics that cover a wide range of important issues for personal ministry. One theme to notice throughout is various ways in which God’s sovereign purposes become evident. God gently turns the disappointment of unmet desires into confidence in his loving providence over our lives. Though sin is destructive, God intervenes constructively, and he teaches us to do the same. Where there is pain and heartache,

Blog Post Apr 13, 2015

The new issue of the JBC will be released next Monday, April 20! Here is a sneak peek at David Powlison's editorial that introduces the new column in the JBC


If you say to me, “I want to have a word with you,” I know immediately what you mean. We need to talk something over. Something concerns you. You are inviting me into a purposeful conversation in which you will have the first word, and then we will