Blog Post Jul 02, 2015

I really enjoyed the new movie Inside Out. I confess that I assumed that it was simply a movie dealing in emotional stereotypes, which is what I saw featured in the previews. But while emotions do play a major role, the movie is about much more than that. Inside Out invites us to not only have a more nuanced understanding of emotions but to appreciate them in the context of personal growth, the nature of relationships, and the purposes of family. As a Christian, I found it

Video Jun 22, 2015

Winston answers the questions "What should I look for in a spouse?"

Blog Post Jun 22, 2015

When fearful or anxious, we typically feel alone and think that God is silent, which is ironic given that he is just the opposite. In fact, Scripture—God’s communication to us—gushes with words and promises spoken to fearful and anxious people. Like a mother who keeps talking to her child during a long walk through a dark place in order to assure the child of her presence, so our Father says to us, “listen to my voice,” and he keeps talking and talking. Our

Blog Post Jun 08, 2015

These are all tests.

  • A woman wonders what would happen if she stopped calling someone from church. Would that person ever take the initiative to call her?  
  • A husband decides to stop saying “I love you” to his wife in order to discover how long it will take her to say, “I love you.”
  • A woman who was meeting with her pastor at church for prayer and counsel now insists that the pastor meet her at her house. There is nothing sexual in
Video Jun 03, 2015

Ed Welch sits down and discusses the unpardonable sin.

Blog Post Jun 03, 2015

To be depressed is to be entangled by death. That’s why I hate depression. Its victims have found themselves in death’s long shadow and there seems to be no escape. Pain, hopelessness, hellish torments, thoughts of suicide—these are the death rattles that inevitably accompany depression. 

But depression never tells the entire story. It is, at least, myopic. It cannot see hope, so it claims that hope is absent, and it is wrong. Jesus has come and has conquered

Blog Post May 28, 2015

Sometimes we at CCEF define ourselves by our goals. Our mission statement says that we are aiming to restore Christ to counseling and to restore counseling ministries to Christ’s churches. That’s a good goal. Other times we define ourselves by the things we do. We teach, counsel, speak, and write. Each of those ministries of the Word is important. But at the end of the day, I believe God

Blog Post May 28, 2015

Rick Horne is the academic dean of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI)—the training arm of World Impact. He is also the site coordinator of TUMI in Chester, PA and teaches in prisons and inner-city churches. Rick also serves as the secretary of CCEF’s Board of Trustees. He and his wife Betty are monthly donors.

We are delighted to share with you what Rick is doing with biblical counseling in an urban context. Over the past few years Rick has adapted one of our courses for