Personality Tests

Published: Mar 12, 2010

Help & Hope Podcast

Who am I? I’m an introvert/extrovert.
Who am I? I’m an addict.
Who are the people that I’m talking to? He’s just a liar. She’s a very kind person. This is an ADD child.

One way to get at a person’s view of themselves is to ask the question: What is your personality? There are hundreds of personality tests that we have access to that seem to capture who we are. They can be found in magazines, online quizzes, used in marriage counseling, Facebook, etc. How do terms like “introvert” versus “extrovert” influence our view of who we are? What do we do with these popular terms that seem to capture/identify who we are and yet are not found in Scripture?

Ed Welch teaches a class entitled Human Personality that addresses and challenges these very concerns. For information on the next cohort of this online class, visit: /courses/registration-and-schedule or you can register now: /search/site/register%20now

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Length:  16:07