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How the Bible Gets Personal

By: David Powlison

The Bible was written to others—but speaks to you. The Bible is about God—but draws you in. Your challenge is always to reapply Scripture afresh, because God’s purpose is always to rescript your life. Based on these truths, Powlison describes four ways to approach Scripture that will expand your wisdom in personal application. 

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Featured Articles

Healing from Post-Abortion Grief

By: Aaron Sironi
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This is the first of three articles on how God’s mercy meets someone who has had an abortion. Aaron Sironi speaks primarily to the women and men grieving what they have done and the child they have lost. Many keep their abortion a secret and it remains an unresolved ache in their hearts. But there is a path forward, a way to seek and trust God for forgiveness and find healing. Pastors and other counselors will also benefit from this pastoral approach to a complex issue.

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In Her Shoes: One Woman’s Testimony about Abortion and God’s Grace

By: Christine Hoover
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This is an interview with a woman who had two abortions. It chronicles the woman’s story, her attempt to live as if her abortions never happened, and her fear that others would find out. Read how God graciously met her in the aftermath of choices she deeply regretted.

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A Personal Liturgy of Confession

By: David Powlison
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This piece is designed to help someone struggling with guilt from an abortion, or any other sin, to form honest prayers to God. It is based on the General Confession from the Book of Common Prayer. It leads the aggrieved person to create a liturgy that reflects the wisdom and experience of confessing sinners through the centuries.

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Going to War Is Easier than Coming Home: Ministry to Combat Veterans

By: Bill Gasser
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Written by a retired Navy chaplain, this article helps readers understand what veterans face when they return to civilian life after a combat deployment. He calls upon the church to engage in ministry to these soldiers and their families, and offers practical ideas on how to help. 

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Counselor's Toolbox

More Than a Proof Text: “You can’t fix it—but you can come to him” (Matthew 11:28–30)

By: Laura Andrews
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This article depicts the common desire to try harder to fix what is broken in our lives. Andrews’s counterintuitive advice uses Matthew 11:28–30 to remind us that Jesus calls us to put first things first and come to him. 

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More Than a Proof Text: “Your enemies are mighty—but God is mightier” (Psalm 18:16–18)

By: Kristin Maguire
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Kristin Maguire shares how she encourages counselees in the midst of overwhelming circumstances. Using two verses from Psalm 18, she points to the comfort and safety found in our strong God. 

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Book Review - Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World by Michael Horton

By: Michael Gembola
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Author Michael Horton is concerned that the church is continuously grasping for the “next big thing” and looks down upon the everyday, ordinary faithfulness of the Christian life. He exposes the problem at all levels—from institutions to individuals, and offers a corrective. Gembola finds great value in Horton’s observations and suggestions, though he expresses concern over the book’s tone. 

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Book Review - The Stories We Tell: How TV and Movies Long for and Echo the Truth by Mike Cosper

By: Catherine Krasinski
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Mike Cosper posits that people are drawn to TV, movies, and other film media because their stories reflect aspects of “God’s Big Story”—creation, fall, redemption and glorification. Krasinski highly recommends the book to counselors because people’s affinity for certain stories helps us better understand them, what they are influenced by, and what moves them.

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