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An Invitation to Speak Up!

By: David Powlison

Prayer is a verbal interaction with God and it should, for the most part, be out loud. Speaking out loud expresses the reality that prayer is talking to someone else—it is not simply talking to yourself inside your own head. David Powlison’s editorial casts a vision for hearty communication with the living God.

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Featured Articles

Hospital Visitation: Become a Companion in the Wilderness

By: Winston Smith
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Longtime CCEF faculty member, Winston Smith, recently completed a chaplaincy internship at a local hospital. His article “Hospital Visitation: Become a Companion in the Wilderness” is one of the fruits of that experience. Numerous conversations with patients and their families shaped his thoughts about how to speak helpfully to people who suddenly find themselves in a difficult and often frightening situation. 

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The Dreaded S-Word: Submission and Our Proud Hearts

By: Robyn Huck
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In “The Dreaded S-Word: Submission and Our Proud Hearts,” Robyn Huck dispels a common misconception about the biblical doctrine of submission. Submission is not primarily about marriage or gender, but about how we relate to God. And our essential submission—whether we are male or female, whether married or single—is a basic and comprehensive aspect of what it means to be a Christian.

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Panic and the Personal God

By: Pierce Taylor Hibbs
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We have all experienced the stirrings of anxiety, and many of us have experienced full-fledged panic.This essay from Pierce Hibbs reminds us that no matter how alone we feel, no matter how dangerous the world seems, we are always surrounded by the creation that expresses the personal presence of God. “Panic and the Personal God” will give you new ways to find comfort when panic assails you or someone you are seeking to help.

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Spiritual Growth in the Face of Psychiatric Disorders

By: Ed Welch
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This article is centered on the reality that humans are embodied souls. The body is never described in Scripture in moral terms; instead, it is either strong or weak. Its weaknesses can make our lives complicated, difficult and painful, but we can spiritually grow even when the body is compromised. In “Spiritual Growth in the Face of Psychiatric Disorders,” Welch shows what growth in Christ looks like for three people with serious troubles that include a physically-based weakness. 

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Man's Search for Meaning: Viktor Frankl's Psychotherapy

By: Kris Hemphill
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Logotherapy was born out of Viktor Frankl’s experience in a World War II concentration camp. It has interesting touch points with Christian faith, because it is neither a pragmatic strategy to alleviate unpleasant symptoms, nor an exploration of personal history to find answers to personal problems. Instead, the goal of logotherapy is to help people find meaning in their lives amid life’s great difficulties. It continues to resonate with people in times of suffering, including talkshow host Jimmy Fallon. Hemphill weighs its strengths and weaknesses in light of biblical faith. 

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Book Review - Bonhoeffer’s Seminary Vision: A Case for Costly Discipleship and Life Together by Paul R. House

By: Wesley T. Tubel
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How are people best prepared for a life in ministry to others? Drawing from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s major works, Paul House persuasively argues for several changes in seminary training that emphasize the role of face-to-face community and discipleship. Reviewer Wes Tubel agrees with the vision, but offers an alternate view on the constructive role that distance education can play. 

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Counselor's Toolbox

More Than a Proof Text: “When inner voices condemn, Christ speaks a better word” (Hebrews 12:24)

By: Todd Stryd
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Using Hebrews 12:24, Todd Stryd shares how he uses this verse to help someone who, like all of us at different points, hears the accusing and condemning voice of sin. He explains what it means that Jesus’ blood speaks “a better word” about who we are.  

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