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Vol. 28, No. 1  |  Spring 2014  |  Purchase Individual Issue


Vive la Différence!

By: David Powlison

David Powlison discusses the differences between biblical counseling and other counseling models, offering four questions to prime the discussion.

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Featured Articles

“I’ll Never Get Over It”—Help for the Aggrieved

By: David Powlison
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Perhaps you, or someone you know, has suffered grievous wrongs. Is the goal simply to “get over it”? Not really. You will be marked and changed forever by what you experienced—Jesus still has scars. But there is a way to move forward constructively. Powlison looks in depth at stories of two deeply aggrieved persons who did just that. He closes by offering a series of questions to work through as you seek to bring redemptive good out of experiences of terrible wrong. 

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Psalm 32 and the Surprising Joy of Repentance

By: Andrew D. Rogers
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Pastor Rogers walks us through Psalm 32 verse by verse. He encourages us to learn about the joy of repentance from King David’s experience of running from God, then facing what he had done, and finding the grace of God. This sermon is for all who struggle honestly with sin. Read it and take it to heart.

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Common Ground and Course Corrections: An Essay Review of Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling

By: Winston Smith
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Smith offers a thoughtful essay review of the Biblical Counseling Coalition’s multi-authored book Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling. Smith assesses trends within the biblical counseling movement and evaluates the strengths and weakness of current thought and practice. He offers both praise for areas of growth and suggestions for future development.

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Counselor's Toolbox

What Does a Good First Session Look Like?

By: Lauren Whitman
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Lauren Whitman provides us with helpful guidance on how to conduct that often-challenging first counseling session. Newer counselors will be eager to have a tool to help them approach these initial conversations with people they don’t know. But even veterans will benefit from a review of things to keep in mind as they meet with those they counsel for the first time. Read this and find a new way (or two!) to bless those who come to you for help. 

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Lives in Process

Need to Know

By: Matthew C. Mitchell
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Given the information age in which we live, many of you will be able to relate to this article. With candor and wit, Matt Mitchell invites us into the dynamics of his information addiction. His story just may help you understand some of the dynamics at play in your own life—and in the lives of others to whom you minister.

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Manipulative Obsession or Love from a Pure Heart?

By: Anonymous
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In this piece, a woman honestly reckons with the selfish motives that are present in her relationships. She takes on her struggle with same-sex attraction in a surprising way and, with God’s help, discovers that her plight is not a “painful warfare against love.” It is a “victorious battle for true love.”

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Book Reviews

Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem By Kevin DeYoung

Reviewed By: Mike Emlet

Our reviewer takes a keen look at this recent book about a common struggle for American Christians: we are all too busy. Expressing appreciation for DeYoung’s work, Emlet carries the conversation forward by identifying areas that warrant additional discussion, including questions about how to implement practical changes in how we live. 

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