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Jason Connally has studied with us through our School of Biblical Counseling. Here is a brief testimony of following Jesus in the hard places of daily life.

CCEF has consistently pointed me to not only the Word of God, but to the Living God who speaks, and who is on scene and is at work in my troubles. I now better understand the fullness of the good news of Christ. Previously my focus was limited to the past grace that God showed me in saving me and to the future grace to come in heaven. But I have learned to experience and rely on God’s present grace in the midst of hardships—his comfort, his power to change me and transform my relationships.

The Lord has transformed the way my wife and I relate to God and to others in all of our relationships. Our conversations are different—with each other, with our kids, with our friends. What we pray for is different—in our lives and for those around us.

Jason Connally, School of Biblical Counseling Student

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